About Yoloway

We are the trailblazers bound to never leave a story untold by creating inspiring dreamlike visual content. Our aim is to master the science of storytelling by synergizing technology and imagination. Yoloway is a creative agency and 3D visualization studio bringing the wildest visions into high-end full CGI/VFX animation videos. We are led by a core team of artists with a unified goal to help our clients broadcast their message by elevating their brand and helping connect them to their audiences



In our offices, you will find a dedicated team who will do their best to accomplish all that they are called to do.

Bekim Ahmetaj

Managing Partner

Fadil Ahmetaj


Alex Ispas


Merita Vatovci

Project Manager

Blesa Kadrija

Account Manager

Endrit Rrahimi

Creative Director

Dardan Rexha

Lead 3D Modeler

Bekir Avdiu

Lead Animator

Denis Deliu

Lead FX Artist

Elvi Krasniqi

Senior CG Artist

Yll Sulejmani

Senior Animator

Vedat Zeka

Senior LookDev Artist

Visar Rexha

FX Artist / CFX Artist

Endrit Vitija

FX Artist

Endrit Gjini

Rigging Artist / Animator

Dardan Ejupi

3D Animator & CFX

Gentrit Haziri

Unreal Engine Artist

Flamur Gashi

FX Artist

Selma Lekovic

Storyboard Artist

Valentina Zeneli

3D Modeler

Agon Prapashtica

3D Modeler

Malsor Istogu

3D Modeler

Ermal Haziri

3D Modeler

Ermal Bislimi

3D Animator

Donat Jashari

3D Animator

Leon Haxha

Rigging Artist

Blend Shkodra

3D Animator

Leutrim Sylejmani

3D Animator